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QUANTUM HEALING HYPNOSIS TECHNIQUE or QHHT® was developed by the late Dolores Cannon over 45 years of groundbreaking work. QHHT® may be the most profound and transformational experience of your life.

QHHT® is for you if you an overwhelming fear of death. 

As a dying person, QHHT® can help you to realize your life's purpose and dissolve your fear of death.

As a caregiver, losing a loved one can turn your life 360 degrees, causing loneliness, sadness, and depression. You may find yourself unable to get through the process of surpassing anger and depression in the five stages of grief, described by Elizabeth Kubler Ross. QHHT® can help you realize your purpose and dissolve your fear of death; releasing helpless feelings from losing their loved ones. 

There are several other reasons why my clients try QHHT®.  To book a session, or to learn more, please go to my website: The Luminous Soul QHHT.

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