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Exploring Meaning

EXPLORING MEANING is for you if you are struggling with the imminence of end of life.  Dignity Therapy and life review can help to conserve your sense of dignity by addressing sources of psychosocial and existential distress; giving you a chance to record the meaningful aspects of your life and leave something behind that can benefit your loved ones in the future.  

During a 60-minute session, I will ask you a series of open-ended questions that will encourage you to talk about what matters most in your life.  We will explore accomplishments, formative stories, life lessons, important themes, values and beliefs, character traits, spirituality and important roles.  The conversation is recorded, transcribed, edited and then returned within a few days to you to give the opportunity to read the transcript and make changes before a final version is produced.

Dignity Therapy Life Review - $275

You will leave our session feeling a sense of completion, meaning, and peacefulness. You will receive an artifact that will transcend your death and extend your influence across time.  

Bridge into the Woods

Leaving A Legacy

LEAVING A LEGACY is for you to preserve the past and inspire the future.  Legacy work is the process of transforming thoughts into action.  It's the act of sitting down and taking time to purposefully create something for the people you love and care about. 


Legacy work isn't about death and dying, it's about life and living.  It's about making connections and sharing precious comments with the special people in your life. 


Legacy work provides a unique opportunity to reflect on your life and process through the events and people who shaped it, while still planning for the future. It can be a powerful coping tool not only for you, but for the people around you. 


Leaving a legacy gives your loved ones something tangible to hold on to, something that can provide healing and comfort year after year, and generation after generation. It's a reminder of who you were, what you loved, what was important to you and what contributions you made.

During a series pre-determined sessions, I will help you every step of the way to ideate and turn your thoughts into actions. Your legacy project can take any form.  Elaborate or simple all are meaningful. 

Legacy Project - $175 for the first 2 hours & $50 per hour thereafter

You will leave our time together during these sessions feeling at peace with the timeless extension of yourself that your loved ones will cherish forever.

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