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Living Fully

LIVING FULLY INTO TRANSITION is for you if you have received a terminal diagnosis, may have received treatment and are coming to terms with the idea that despite those efforts, your body continues its decline. You desire someone independent of your immediate circle of support to walk with you, to help birth you into a new way of living as you connect with your soul's unfolding into the end of your earthly life.

I offer a safe, nurturing space to explore the benefits and limitations of continuing treatments, when to engage hospice and other palliative care services, how to navigate the changes and resulting "new normals" that continue to unfold, legacy projects to leave for your loved ones, what possibilities for growth and healing exist in engaging the end of life process, and preparing you and your loved ones for your transition.

During this session, we can explore possibilities for moving forward together. 

Living Fully into Transition Session (90-minutes) - $175

You will leave our session with clarity around your vision for how you most want to invest your time and energy, and receive a dedicated blessing to nourish you as you go about creating your future.


Living Fully

LIVING FULLY AT THE THRESHOLD is for you if your death is approaching quickly and you want someone present to lovingly tend to your emotional and spiritual needs, hold space for the process, and to ensure everyone in your circle is as prepared and included as possible as you transition from physical life into the mystery of what's next.

I offer a safe space to gently explore whatever challenges may arise and seek possibilities for creating sacred space at the bedside for forgiveness, comfort, celebration, storytelling, reflection, laughter, ritual, and meaning.

I advocate for your wishes (End of Life Vigil Plan) within your circle of support, help your loved ones recognize signs of decline as you get closer to death, model important ways to meaningfully communicate with you throughout the dying process, and am present as you transition, if desired. I kindly encourage those closest to you to practice exquisite self-care in order to help them to stay present in your transition, every step of the way.

During this session, we can explore possibilities in your path given your current circle of support, and discover unique opportunities for how to move forward.

Living Fully at the Threshold Session - (90-minutes) $175

You will leave our session with clarity around your desired level of continued end of life vigil support and receive a dedicated blessing and mantra to ease your heart and mind as your process continues to unfold.

If you do not have a End of Life Vigil Plan, I will guide you through a thoughtful exploration of each aspect of a vigil plan.

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