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Reiki Soul to Soul

REIKI SOUL TO SOUL HEALING is for you if you are struggling to make sense of all that is happening. I can help you to bring your focus to a singular moment of attention, "Just For Today". 


Reiki helps if you are stressed, anxious, fearful, fatigued, angry, or experiencing emotional pain as part of your diagnosis, or the dying process.  Reiki healing can also soothe and calm; easing the transition to death when physical healing isn’t possible - gifting a dying person with comfort, peace, and well-being.

​Offering one’s self as a conduit through which energy can flow for the good of another is the single most powerful gift that one can give and receive.


During this session, I perform the traditional hand placement technique on the body, or slightly above based on your comfort level.

Reiki Soul to Soul - $99 for the first hour and $50 per hour thereafter

After our session you will feel, relaxed, calm and peaceful. 

The Japanese word Reiki (ray-key) means “Universal Life Force energy.” It is not a belief system, and no belief system is needed to enjoy the subtle yet powerful benefits. A Reiki treatment supports the whole person physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. It is used to relieve stress, can be an excellent energizer, and can assist healing on all levels. Pleasant and relaxing, it is often used for personal wellness, and has been documented to relax muscles, still the mind, lower blood pressure, and ease pain. Such treatments have been said to reduce anxiety and support a sense of peace. Reiki will not interfere with conventional medicine and is frequently used in conjunction with it.

Reiki is being used in homes, hospitals, nursing homes, and hospice. Many hospitals now include it in their patient care plans.

During a session, the client sits in a chair or lies on a bed fully clothed while the practitioner uses various hand positions either directly on the body or a few inches above. The client usually will feel warmth or some tingling. There is no manipulation of tissue. A Reiki practitioner does not diagnose, and Reiki is not a substitute for medical care, though it has been most appreciated by hospice patients for its ability to diminish pain.

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