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My Vigil Plan

MY VIGIL PLAN is for you if you want to architect the surroundings of your final days, hours, and moments. 


A Vigil Plan gives you an opportunity to think through choices about management of symptoms, the nature of interactions with loved ones, professionals, and doulas, as well as how you want the space around the bedside to look, feel, smell, and sound.  


During our session, I will guide you through a thoughtful exploration of each aspect of a vigil plan to help you discover what you want and your version of a "good death". The Vigil Plan will reflect your character and personality, the dynamics of the the family, your culture and traditions, and your surroundings such as space, atmosphere, sound, nature of interactions, and other considerations. I will offer a blend of traditional and modern-day Feng Shui recommendations to balance and optimize the flow of positive energy bringing a sense of peace and well-being to your space. The conversation is recorded, transcribed, edited and then returned within a few days to you to give the opportunity to read the transcript and make changes before a final version is produced. 

The Vigil Plan - $275

You will leave our session with a profound sense of completeness, beauty, pleasure, contentment and emotional and spiritual calm knowing your wants, needs, and desires will be met during your journey to the Next Place.  

Peaks Above Clouds

No One Dies Alone

NO ONE DIES ALONE is for you to have round-the-clock vigil support and physical presence during your end of life.

I advocate for your wishes (End of Life Vigil Plan) within your circle of support, help your loved ones recognize signs of decline as you get closer to death, model important ways to meaningfully communicate with you throughout the dying process, and am present as you transition, if desired. I kindly encourage those closest to you to practice exquisite self-care in order to help them to stay present in your transition, every step of the way.

During this time, you will feel surrounded by peace, love, and light.  

No One Dies Alone Vigil

  • 5-days of vigil support for 2 hours per day - $995

Best for individuals with a circle of very involved support who are looking for guidance and yet feel able to coordinate an active presence at the bedside largely on their own.​

  • 5-days of vigil support for 4 hours per day - $1995

Best for individuals with a few dedicated loved ones who are looking for a little extra guidance, presence at the bedside, and some caregiver respite support.

  • 5-days of vigil support for 6 hours per day - $2995

Best for individuals with a small or distant (out of town, less involved) circle of support or for those looking for extensive guidance, presence at the bedside, and active caregiver respite support.

Times can be used all at once or broken into shifts to offer the best support depending on your individual situation. Each package includes 24 hour on-call support and a meeting with your loved ones at a determined time after your death to provide heartfelt support as they process the experience of your death, to encourage continued connection, and to create a ritual to guide their grieving, as desired.

For those seeking 24-hour vigil support, please contact me so we can make arrangements. 

Please know due to the uncertain nature of the timing of each death, each package covers "up to 5 days". If the vigil spans longer than 5 days, more hours can be arranged for an additional fee. Should the vigil be shorter than 5 days, the remaining time can be invested in support of crafting the Celebration of Life, or other agreed upon assistance.

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